Everything holds a story.

Whether it’s your grandmother sharing her childhood memories, the blooming flower that remembers being a seed, or the wear and tear on your favorite pair of blue jeans, we're surrounded by stories.

The earth is stitched with these tales: verbal accounts passed down from one generation to the next along with the hushed wisdom that originates and ends within a single cell. These interwoven histories produce the diverse and intricate patchwork that is our planetary community.

Fieldery was born from a passion for art and reverence for nature. It’s a space to honor the beauty and endurance of vintage goods. In doing so, I hope to inspire conservation through reclamation.

—Madeleine Boga
Owner, Curator


Slow Fashion, Sustainable Style

The fast fashion industry has spawned an endless cycle of toxic manufacturing and contaminating waste. High demand  for fleeting trends leads to faster production of low-quality, essentially disposable, products.

In dissent, Fieldery emphasizes natural fibers and organic materials for their longevity, elegance, and timelessness. Plus, their breakdown is far less detrimental to the environment than synthetics and microfibers.

Buying vintage is an investment in the earth. It’s a protest against throwaway culture and a campaign for resilience and rejuvenation.